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Born in Atlanta GA, Hollywood Alicee is an Instagram Celebrity who is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry.

Her resume reads the who’s who in the modeling and film industry. Hollywood Alicee credits includes Fast & Furious 8, to Runway Modeling in New York Fashion Week.

Her latest venture into the Cam World skyrocketed her to stardom. Being named A Top Cam Model in the Adult Entertainment Industry in her first month of streaming.

It is no wonder why she continues to attract the attention of celebrity men in her DM, which is what inspired her music aspirations.

Hollywood Alicee released her 1st song

"Wat is U Sayin"

on December 26, 2021!!!

What Blogs Are Saying!!!

Meet Sultry Ebony Starlet Hollywood Alicee


Exotic and sensual and whip-smart, the glamorous Hollywood Alicee has only just arrived on Flirt4Free. In little more than a month on cam, she has found the ultimate outlet to explore her dynamic sexuality, which contains an explosive lust she never before knew existed. “I absolutely love the experience so far! It’s unleashed a part of me I’ve never tapped into, but now that I have, I’m addicted,” she said of her first few weeks on the site. “Performing has taught me a lot about myself. Mainly that I am enough, I’m beautiful just the way I am and, most of all, that I am desired!”

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